The Jaguar first appeared in 1962 and was produced as a standard model up to 1975. It was an improvement on the design of the Jazzmaster and took its place as the top of the line model. It was the first Fender guitar with 22 frets instead of the usual 20.
Type: 1964 Jaguar
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: This colour is Burgundy Mist, and unfaded at that. Beck date October 1964.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction
Type: 1965 Jaguar
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: A nice Jaguar with a rosewood neck and sunburst finish.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction
Type: 1998 Jaguar Custom
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: This particular item was designed by Gary Smalley and then raffled at a benefit.
Above photo credits: The picture was found on Vintage Guitar, put there by Gary Smalley
Type: Vintage Series US Jaguar (year unknown)
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: This colour is called Sherwood Green.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction
Type: Custom shop double-neck Jaguar guitar and 6-string bass (year unknown)
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: This was built by master builder Fred Stuart. Click here for a bigger size picture.
Above photo credits: A Photopoint photobook.
Type: 2004 Jaguar Baritone Custom
Serial #: Not applicable
Remarks: In response to overwhelming requests for a contemporary Bass VI guitar, Fender introduced the Jaguar Baritone Custom in July 2004. The Jaguar Baritone Custom is the instrument for players who want the �down and dirty� sound of a Bass VI guitar. The fixed bridge offers great tuning stability and the traditional Jaguar control layout makes tone shaping easy.
Above photo credits: The Official Fender Web Site



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