The Jazzmaster was produced from 1958 to 1980. When it was launched, it was Fender's top-of-the-line model. It has a floating vibrato unit and a separate rosewood fingerboard. It had two independent circuits, offering lead and rhythm sound settings.
Type: 1957/58 Jazzmaster
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: This sunburst-finished guitar has a solid maple neck (supposedly a sign of it being a prototype?), anodized pickguard, neck date of May 1957. The headstock (not visible) is a mix of a Stratocaster headstock and that which later became the true Jazzmaster headstock.
Above photo credits: Guitar Base
Type: 1958 Jazzmaster Prototype
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: None
Above photo credits: The picture was found on Vintage Guitar, put there by Scott Chinery and Michael Tamborrino
Type: 1960 Jazzmaster
Serial #: 58553
Remarks: Neck is dated September 1960. Slab-board neck.
Above photo credits: Found on Guitar Base
Type: 1961 Jazzmaster
Serial #: 48530
Remarks: A nice Jazzmaster with birdseye maple neck. Although the serial numbers implies 1960, the neck date is pencilled 1-61.
Above photo credits: The owner, Shay Harrell.
Type: 1964 Jazzmaster
Serial #: L36XXX
Remarks: Pickups were used for dating. Kluson tuners, clay dots, sunburst finish.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction



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