The Katana was Fender's way of trying to react to more extreme body forms that other guitar manufacturers were making. It was only produced in Japan, and for a very limited time (1985-86). A bass version was also made. The Fender version had two humbuckers, one volume and one tone control, three position switch and the Fender System One double locking tremolo with an accompanying locking nut.
Type: 1985 Katana
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: None
Above photo credits: Guitar Base
Type: Katana (year unknown)
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: This is the Squier model. This can be distinguished by it having one pickup, one control and an American vintage style tremolo, as well as a regular nut.
Above photo credits: Guitar Base
Type: 1985 or 1986 Katana
Serial #: C002697
Remarks: It is said that "00" serial number Katanas were given to guitarists of some name as promotional guitars.
Above photo credits: The owner, John Simmons



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