Throughout its existence, Fender has produced several unique guitars that cannot easily be put in another category on this site. These are gathered in this section. It also features items that didn't fit into other sections in general.
Type: Mid 60's Fender Model 400 Pedal Steel Guitar
This is what it all started with when Leo Fender started the company in the mid 40's: Horizontally played Pedal Steel guitars. This one's serial number is 400-8-SN 021617.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction
Type: 1950's Fender Deluxe
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: This pedal steel guitar has the desirable strings-through-pickup set-up.
Above photo credits: Guitar Base
Type: Mid 70's Prototype
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: This is an experimental prototype, possibly made in the mid 70's. It's got 24 frets and unusual pickups, a glued in neck with a square heel and a 70's style headstock.
Click here for a detail of the plaque on the back.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction
Type: 1996 Custom Shop "Original" Fender Spanish Electric Guitar (some sources say 1993)
Serial #: Unknown
Remarks: This is number 38 of 50 made. These guitars were especially commissioned by Fender to re-capture the essence of 'the Fender Electric Spanish Guitar', to replicate the 1949 original as closely as possible. Everything was made by hand, including the wiring and the hand-wound pickup. Pine body, maple neck with no truss rod.
Above photo credits: An Ebay auction



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